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About us

CIG is the pioneer in the field of realising complex 3D-formed steel constructions. CIG’s roots can be retraced to the shipbuilding industry. In 1972, 5 local shipbuilders joined forces to contend with their competitors. A joint production facility was set up to manufacture, among other things, the formed steel sheets for the hull. This was done on the basis of digital data, without paper drawings being required. This approach was so progressive that the necessary software had to be developed in-house, as this was not yet available. 

25 years later, CIG was privatised and the first steps were made in the field of architecture. After a number of successful projects, the architecture branch was made ever more independent, and it has operated fully autonomously within the CIG group from 2005. Since that time, all disciplines have come together to compose a committed team that can take on any challenge. In addition to engineering and project management, we have also been coordinating the installation and/or assembly on site since then.

Where we are today

We have managed to realise CIG's years of stable growth by using existing knowledge, means and manpower as a starting point. Massive investments in the quality of the organisation have been made to provide the architects and artists with even better services. The CIG team consists of a group of young people, who endorse this collective ambition with an enormous drive. We think it a privilege to be allowed to turn the most diverse sketches and dreams into a unique and tangible product. The positive growth is also reflected in a number of strategic partnerships recently entered into, which enable us to play our unique part not only in Europe, but also in the US, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.